Search Warcraft is a World of Warcraft search engine meant to make finding WoW information easier than ever, so you can play more, and research less.

It's powered by Google Custom Search and includes an ever-expanding list of the top WoW information sites to help you discover Azeroth more easily.

There are other WoW search engines for you to check out, too. These include Cleiman's WoW Search Engine , WarcraftSearch.com, and Unto WoW Search. Use what works for you.

The site is supported in part by KillerGuides, providers of well-researched, specialized and up-to-date strategy manuals for MMOs.

How does it work?

The Dark Portal

Search Warcraft index is seeded with only those sites that have been identified as having high-quality, original, WoW-specific information and guides. The intent is to improve the signal-to-noise ratio normally encountered when you search for game information.

This means you can search for general topics like 'engineering' and only get information back about WoW. Compare it against the information you get on a standard Google web search.

To see the complete list of sites included in the search, check out the Suggest page.

Suggest A Site

Of course, Search Warcraft is only as good as the sites that it searches, so we're always looking for, and adding, new sites to the index.

If you've got a site you'd like to see included, be sure to share it with us. To do so, head over to the Suggest page.


We know you'd rather be playing than scouring the web for WoW information, so Search Warcraft also offers a few plugins to make searching with the site even easier.

Check out the Plugins page to install the OpenSearch adapters for FireFox or Internet Explorer. They'll let you use Search Warcraft right from within your browser.


If you'd like to share your thoughts and feedback regarding the site, take a moment and email us.

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